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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Handmade cards

*All the cards are blank inside so that you can write your own personal message in it*

#1 Pressie card

in white~ with gold ribbon (click to enlarge)

in cream colour~ with gold ribbon

in reddish pink~ with silver ribbon

*the plastic wrap*
(solely for protection purpose, I can't do fanciful wrapping..)

Open the "lid" to reveal your message !! =)
can be made into a B'day card/ thank you card/ etc.

Choose your COLOURS !! =)

"Box" (corrugated paper) : reddish pink/ blue/ green/ orange/ red/ yellow/ black/ white/ cream (a little shiny)
Ribbon : silver/ gold/ red/ blue (design of ribbon may vary for different cards)
Pull-out card : Name your colour, I'll try to find it.

Wraps : envelope/ plastic wrapping/ both/ NIL
--for protection purpose only... I can't wrap things fancifully =D

Price : $5.90


#6 Sweet little cupcake ~Fresh from the oven !! <3

Sweet little cupcake dotted with yellow toppings with a Cute little (pom-pom) cherry on top...
Served to U in a glittery yellow-glazed casing~
*get this for your Sweetest, sweetie pie cupcake !*

Comes with a matching envelope with a sweet yellow ribbon & stitch-like borders.
Extra yellow envelope given -- for your stamp & address.

Card : White colour
Price : $4.90


#3 Don't worry, Bee-Happy =) *SOLD*

Happy little Bumble Bee (made of felt) flying amongst the colourful flowers attached on silver string.

Card : White colour
Price : $4.90


#4 Let's 4-in-love

4 panels of shiny Red & White hearts on a cream-coloured card with lace-like borders.
Simple n Sweet ~

Card : Cream colour with lace-like borders
Price : $4.90


#5 In love with You

Shiny red and white hearts placed together on hard tracing paper with silver ribbon.

"I will always love you,
I will always stay true
No one else will love you like I do
This I promise ..."

~from one of my favourite songs -- In Love with You -- by Jacky Cheung and Regine Velasquez~

the quotes are not printed inside the card.. Printer's spoiled :(
But I can write them in the card if u want :)

Card : Light cream colour with lace-like borders
Price : $4.90


#6 My coal, black heart *SOLD*

6 panels of black hearts on cream & red background.

"Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
In the beginning a flame, very pretty,
Often hot and fierce,
But still only light and flickering.
As love grows older,
Our hearts mature
And our love becomes as coals,
Deep-burning and unquenchable."

~ by Bruce Lee ~

the quotes are not printed inside the card.. Printer's spoiled :(
But I can write them in the card if u want :)

Foam paper is used for 3D effect.
Card : Cream colour with black paper-strips borders
Price : $3.90

Handmade crafts, etc.

#1 Personalised Tag/ Bookmark
(Can be made into a bookmark... Ribbon will be added)


Tag : $1.50 + $1 per alphabet
Bookmark : $1.50 + $0.50 (ribbon) + $1 per alphabet

Email me the COLOURS you want for
parts (1) to (5) -- 2nd picture

Colour chart for materials : Clicketh !!


#2 Personalised Bookmark II

Another design =)
But I'm not making Chinese characters.. only doing this for a fren...
U can replace the Chinese characters with other words though (e.g. I ♥ U) =D

[Price] $1.50 + $1 per alphabet

Email me the COLOURS you want for parts (1) to (5) -- 2nd picture.

Colour chart for materials : Clicketh !!


#3 Personalised notebook
~wired name and beads will be sewn on~

(sorry for e lousy pics =p )


Original Notebook
--notebooks used are without binds

please name :
- the size of the notebook
- with/without lines in the pages
- thickness of the notebook

*price depends (the one above is $1.95)
I'll be getting the notebooks from Popular -- receipt will be shown.

You can name a THEME & personalise Your notebook with the following ideas below :

a. Cover
--Felt : white/ black/ red/ orange/ yellow/ medium-green/ light blue/ dark blue/ medium-purple/ maroon
-- $2-4 (depending on the no. of colours and/ or amount used)

b. Wired-Name (sewn on)
-- Wire : copper/ silver/ gold/ purple*/ blue*/ red*
-- $1/ per alphabet

-- Name your colour for the ribbon & tag, & the design of the tag
-- price depends
-- (for the one above, it cost $1.50)

d. Beads (sewn on)
-- swarovski crystals/ tensha beads/ pearls/ ...
-- price depends on the kind & amount of beads used
-- (for the one above, it cost $1.50)

e. Metal chains (sewn on)
-- silver/ gold/ copper/ dark copper
-- price depends on the type & length of chain used
-- (for the one above, it cost $2.50)

f. Other ideas of your own
-- Feel free to discuss =)

(Can either add me on msn OR email me at entomology88@gmail.com to discuss further

Total price (for the one in the pic) :
$14.50 + $2 Service charge =$16.50

*plastic covers will be provided for protection purposes*

hp accessories

Pao hp strap
Price : $5.90--with red strap

left to right--
#2b Western food
#2c Biscuit

Price : $2.90 each

--------taiwan foodies !--------

#3a Red cuttlefish
#3b Blue cuttlefish
#3c Salty cracker

Price : $4.90 each

#4 Cute Tofu hp strap

Price : $1

#5 Cute blue female Pao hp strap
Price : $1